Securing financial institutions

Bona Electronic Solutions has been specialising in the Banking and Financial arena for over 10 years, providing specialised services for 4 of the major 5 financial institutions in South Arica.

We have built long-term relationships within the banking community by consistently providing benchmark-setting customer service, from the initial contract, through to final implementation and on-going national service and maintenance.


Moving people forward

By implementing efficient, scalable public transport solutions, enterprises and government authorities have the ability to assist the everyday commuter by improving travel time, increasing vehicle operations productivity, and monitoring transportation networks. 

Bona Electronic Solutions offers a wide range of intermodal services and solutions that provide information, network operating conditions and maintain public transport performance by adopting the latest enterprise technology solutions, enabling cities to move in a faster and more future-focused way.


Optimising transport networks

As a country with one of the highest road accident rates in the world, Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) has become more and more crucial to ensure safer and smarter use of transport networks. ITS merges innovative technology with transport and traffic management. 

Bona Electronic Solutions plays a key role in providing transport management control hardware and software solutions for transport systems.

Our product specification and system integration capabilities have been honed from years of enabling transport agencies to operate more effectively. Consequently, Bona Electronic Solutions has spearheaded some of the most prestigious ITS projects in South Africa, positively transforming the way in which citizens travel throughout the country.


Protect students & support safe operations

Schools as sites of teaching and learning can only deliver their educational mandate in safe and secure environments, free from injuries, crime and violence. Basic school safety and security features are therefore essential.

Bona Electronic Solutions has the technology and expertise to meet the unique security needs of educational institutions ranging from pre-schools to university campuses.

Working with our clients, we develop security plans that identify and detail the protective security measures needed, taking into account each specific site’s educational, research and community requirements.


Optimising communication

Bona Electronic Solutions provides a complete end-to-end service connecting people and businesses. 

From complete project management and enterprise architecture to ICT strategy and procurement, our team can deliver a holistic range of communication infrastructure solutions for our clients. 

Bona Electronic Solutions provides network structured cabling for Phone and Data, Ethernet, NBN, Coaxial, Optical Fibre and Wireless and are experienced in repairs, maintenance, site audits, installations, upgrades and relocations.


Smart and secure lifestyles

Safety is a priority that continues to influence the South African property market and homeowners are increasingly investing in secure lifestyle estates. 

State-of-the-art security is a natural expectation, and home owners want the assurance that carefully managed and holistic security solutions are in place. 

Bona Electronic Solutions offers a comprehensive range of digital technologies to enhance a simplified lifestyle for security, convenience and comfort.